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Spiritual Musing

History and Lore for July

It's the time of the year to be especially alert for the sound of small whispers and giggles when you pass by gardens and natural places. It may be that a nature spirit -forest gnome, hobgoblin or faerie-is watching you. Gnomes help take care of plant roots, and they have a strong intellect and intuition. They're also very sensitive to the changing energies of the Moon. Hobgoblins are related to brownies, and they are known to help not only around the house, but also in the fields at harvest time. They are fond of playing practical jokes on people, so it something is amiss, it could be that a hobgoblin is nearby. Faieries have a human appearance, and sometimes they can be quite naughty. They have been known to steal things-including children-and fly on stems of ragwort and the backs of birds, but they cannot lie.

     --Lee Obrien

July 10 - Tuesday

Color of the day: Red

Incense of the day: Cinnamon

Tefnut, Goddess of Water

     In Egyptian tradition, Tefnut is the goddess of water. She rules over rain, dew, damp air, and other forms of moisture. She is the sister and consort of Shu, the Air god; and the mother of Geb and Nut. Tefnut appears as a woman with the head of a lioness bearing pointed ears (which distinguishes her from Sekhmet, whose ears are round). She was worshiped most in Heliopolis and Leontopolis. People sought her blessings for purification, health, and water. Call upon her with this invocation.

     Tefnut, sharp-eared goddess,

     Wash our hands with pur water.

     Sprindle our fields with clear dew.

     Wrap our pathway in silver mist.

     From you flow the waters of the Earth,

     And to you all waters must return.

     Give us your blessings, and grand us Permission to borrow them for a time.

          -- Elizabeth Barrette


 ~~ 10 July ~~

Following our Path

"Whence do you come and whither do you journey?"

"I journey on my own errand."

     --Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed, from The Mabinogion

     When Pwyll (POO'ilh) first encounters and is questioned by his future wife, Rhiannon (Hree-ANN'on), he gives her a polite by noncommittal answer as to his identity and purpose.

     It is not wise, after all, to dislose too much about yourself upon any first meeting, unless you have a clear idea of the other person's intentions. As it turns out, Pwyll and Rhiannon are traveling the same road, for she has come from the underworld with the express purpose of marrying hi. Discovering and following our own path is something that is our personal business; it is not something that one person can do for another. We each have to make our own contract with Spirit, rather than existing as on unwitting signatory to someone else's previously drawn-up contract. We have to read all the fine print before we sign, learning everything we can about the obligations and commitments before showing our hand. Spontaneous response and heartfelt enthusiasm are not good bases for decision making. 

     When we search for our spiritual path, we need to reassess, consolidate, and recommit our spiritual focus-and check contractual details. It is all right to change course as we seek the best way to Spirit; it is equally all right to stay where we are-as long as we realize that compromising our truth is dangerous.

     If you are oriented on your path by a set of rules not of your making, or coasting along with a contract you have not fully consented to, ask yourself what strongly held beliefs that course is ignoring or causing you to change or diminish.

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